The Buyer Brokerage Advantage


Most Buyers want representation and assume that the real estate agent showing them property works for them and not the Seller.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.  There are different types of real estate agents.  You need a Buyer Broker and not a Listing Broker (ie. The agent with the sign in the yard or the home featured in the real estate magazine).  Listing Brokers work for the Seller, trying to secure the Seller the best possible price and terms. 
“If your real estate agent isn’t a Buyer Broker, he works for the Seller.”
(U.S. News & World Report)


Many agents claim to offer Buyer Brokerage services.  But, what they often fail to mention is that they can't represent you on every home because they also take listings.  On their listings, you are on your own.  It is the biggest financial decision of most people's lives.  You should have undivided representation no matter which property you decide to buy.  No matter which company has the listing.  We do not accept listings, therefore we can represent your interests exclusively, 100% of the time, on every home you will view. 
"Exclusive Agencies are the best. They remove any conflict of interest." (Changing Times Magazine)

Save Money - Negotiating

Let's face it.  You want the lowest price and best terms on your new home.  We do that through tough negotiating. 
"Those who used Traditional Brokers (those who list property) paid 96% of a homes listing price, while those who hired Buyer Brokers paid only 91.5%." (U.S. Sprint Survey)